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1.   Frosch
2. 死刑的案子,只有被告人的供述,没有证据,是认定不下来的。
3.   'You're noan so far fro' Thornfield now.'
4. 其五,企业经营困难传导到员工就业和工作压力上,结果就是我们看到的,各大企业纷纷裁员,动辄百分之几十、甚至整个部门乃至业务线砍掉。
5.   Chapter 3 - Struggle for Existence
6.   "I give you my word of honour," answered the merchant, "that I will come back without fail."


1.   'Don't mind it more than you can help,' said Mr. Omer. 'Yes. The baby's dead.'
2.   'How do you like Thornfield?' she asked. I told her I liked it verymuch.
3. 成了乞丐、盗贼、流浪者,其中一部分人是由于习性,但大多数是为环境所迫。因此,十五世纪末和整个十六世纪,整个西欧都颁布了惩治流浪者的血腥法律。现在的工人阶级的祖先,当初曾因被迫变成了流浪者和贫民而受到惩罚。法律把他们看作“自愿的”罪犯,其依据是:只要他们愿意,是可以继续在已经不存在的旧的条件下劳动的。
4.   He walked me up to my room slowly and gravely - I am certain he had a delight in that formal parade of executing justice - and when we got there, suddenly twisted my head under his arm.
5. 这个知识点的正确性要比初始的状态来的更加丰满和可靠。
6. 所以做汽车相关的事业,就得抓住核心,管它是汽油还是电动,必须要紧抓汽车的发明就是为了让人类拥有更快的速度,速度是其本质。


1. 如果聚焦的改善项目没有达标,一般会延长该项目的培养时间。
2. Captain Crewe had a splitting headache when he read this letter in his bungalow in India. The table before him was heaped with papers and letters which were alarming him and filling him with anxious dread, but he laughed as he had not laughed for weeks.
3. 但我国的《反家暴法》对这种情况没有做出规定,我们信奉的法律原则是惩罚一个人的行为而不是他的言语。
4. 单词prime 联想记忆:
5.   "The last man must have gone through all right," said the officeron the left. "I don't see his car anywhere."
6. 所以,单从签约数量上来看,OYO很可能无法完成自己的2019年目标。


1.   There must be some disorder in thy wit! To rave thus like a madman, is it fit?Mephistopheles
2.   Secretly she sent a faithfull Chambermaide of her owne, to greeteAnastasio on her behalfe; humbly entreating him te come see her:because now she was absolutely determined, to give him satisfaction inall which (with honour) he could request of her. Whereto Anastasioanswered, that he accepted her message thankfully, and desired noother favour at her hand, but that which stood with her owne offer,namely, to be his Wife in honourable marriage, The Maide knowingsufficiently, that he could not be more desirous of the match, thenher Mistresse shewed her selfe to be, made answer in her name, thatthis motion would be most welcome to her.
3.   "No, I heard nothing. But, indeed, Mr. Holmes, I was so agitated andhorrified by this terrible outbreak that I rushed to get back to thepeace of my own room, and I was incapable of noticing anything whichhappened."
4.   `You do believe in love then, Tommy, don't you?'
5.   "Leave me -- go!" The young girl kissed her grandmother, andleft with her handkerchief to her eyes; at the door shefound the valet de chambre, who told her that the doctor waswaiting in the dining-room. Valentine instantly ran down.The doctor was a friend of the family, and at the same timeone of the cleverest men of the day, and very fond ofValentine, whose birth he had witnessed. He had himself adaughter about her age, but whose life was one continuedsource of anxiety and fear to him from her mother havingbeen consumptive.
6. 据此,遂依法作出上述判决。


1.   In favour of this view, I may add, firstly, that C. livia, or the rock-pigeon, has been found capable of domestication in Europe and in India; and that it agrees in habits and in a great number of points of structure with all the domestic breeds. Secondly, although an English carrier or short-faced tumbler differs immensely in certain characters from the rock-pigeon, yet by comparing the several sub-breeds of these breeds, more especially those brought from distant countries, we can make an almost perfect series between the extremes of structure. Thirdly, those characters which are mainly distinctive of each breed, for instance the wattle and length of beak of the carrier, the shortness of that of the tumbler, and the number of tail-feathers in the fantail, are in each breed eminently variable; and the explanation of this fact will be obvious when we come to treat of selection. Fourthly, pigeons have been watched, and tended with the utmost care, and loved by many people. They have been domesticated for thousands of years in several quarters of the world; the earliest known record of pigeons is in the fifth Aegyptian dynasty, about 3000 B.C., as was pointed out to me by Professor Lepsius; but Mr Birch informs me that pigeons are given in a bill of fare in the previous dynasty. In the time of the Romans, as we hear from Pliny, immense prices were given for pigeons; 'nay, they are come to this pass, that they can reckon up their pedigree and race.' Pigeons were much valued by Akber Khan in India, about the year 1600; never less than 20,000 pigeons were taken with the court. 'The monarchs of Iran and Turan sent him some very rare birds;' and, continues the courtly historian, 'His Majesty by crossing the breeds, which method was never practised before, has improved them astonishingly.' About this same period the Dutch were as eager about pigeons as were the old Romans. The paramount importance of these considerations in explaining the immense amount of variation which pigeons have undergone, will be obvious when we treat of Selection. We shall then, also, see how it is that the breeds so often have a somewhat monstrous character. It is also a most favourable circumstance for the production of distinct breeds, that male and female pigeons can be easily mated for life; and thus different breeds can be kept together in the same aviary.I have discussed the probable origin of domestic pigeons at some, yet quite insufficient, length; because when I first kept pigeons and watched the several kinds, knowing well how true they bred, I felt fully as much difficulty in believing that they could ever have descended from a common parent, as any naturalist could in coming to a similar conclusion in regard to the many species of finches, or other large groups of birds, in nature. One circumstance has struck me much; namely, that all the breeders of the various domestic animals and the cultivators of plants, with whom I have ever conversed, or whose treatises I have read, are firmly convinced that the several breeds to which each has attended, are descended from so many aboriginally distinct species. Ask, as I have asked, a celebrated raiser of Hereford cattle, whether his cattle might not have descended from long horns, and he will laugh you to scorn. I have never met a pigeon, or poultry, or duck, or rabbit fancier, who was not fully convinced that each main breed was descended from a distinct species. Van Mons, in his treatise on pears and apples, shows how utterly he disbelieves that the several sorts, for instance a Ribston-pippin or Codlin-apple, could ever have proceeded from the seeds of the same tree. Innumerable other examples could be given. The explanation, I think, is simple: from long-continued study they are strongly impressed with the differences between the several races; and though they well know that each race varies slightly, for they win their prizes by selecting such slight differences, yet they ignore all general arguments, and refuse to sum up in their minds slight differences accumulated during many successive generations. May not those naturalists who, knowing far less of the laws of inheritance than does the breeder, and knowing no more than he does of the intermediate links in the long lines of descent, yet admit that many of our domestic races have descended from the same parents may they not learn a lesson of caution, when they deride the idea of species in a state of nature being lineal descendants of other species?Selection
2. 1月11日,农夫山泉重新进场施工,但强某某及其家属仍然在现场非法阻工。
3. 这对于基金管理人来讲是一个比较现实、相对容易实现的目标,也是当前市场环境下一条切实可行的路径。

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