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1.   "Then Mercury went back to high Olympus passing over the woodedisland; but I fared onward to the house of Circe, and my heart wasclouded with care as I walked along. When I got to the gates I stoodthere and called the goddess, and as soon as she heard me she camedown, opened the door, and asked me to come in; so I followed her-much troubled in my mind. She set me on a richly decorated seat inlaidwith silver, there was a footstool also under my feet, and she mixed amess in a golden goblet for me to drink; but she drugged it, for shemeant me mischief. When she had given it me, and I had drunk itwithout its charming me, she struck she, struck me with her wand.'There now,' she cried, 'be off to the pigsty, and make your lair withthe rest of them.'
2. 依据《广告法》第五十八条第一款第一项、第十四项,2019年8月,上海市市场监督管理局执法总队作出行政处罚,责令停止发布违法广告,并处罚款90万元。
3.   Accompanying this plan came skimpiness.
4.   "Stupid fellow yourself!" said D'Artagnan, stooping in histurn on the neck of his horse, and answering on his sidethrough the carriage window. "I do not go on because itpleases me to stop here."
5. 黎巴嫩重建与发展理事会(CDR)称,负责执行将垃圾出口到俄罗斯进行处理的英国公司,未能在本月19日的最后期限前获得文件,证明俄罗斯方面同意接收这些垃圾,因而这项处理垃圾的协议被废止。
6.   She plodded on into the wood, knowing he was looking after her; he upset her so much, in spite of herself.


1. 如果内容创业项目在发展过程中能够获得专业机构的融资以及经验丰富的投资人鼎力相助,这样在竞争格局上它们将占据很强的领先优势。
2. 上厕所要关门,不能当着孩子面脱衣服。
3. Becky curtsied again, the tears openly streaming down her cheeks.
4.   "Going to be in town long?"
5. "Of course there are men," said Terry. "Come on, let's find 'em."
6.   Athos rose, and offering him his hand, "Be welcome, my Lord," said he,"you are one of us."


1.   "I don't know," she snapped.
2. 这些年,他们从未放弃过寻找。
3. 941
4. 整个过程就像在淘宝上购买一样。
5.   For all her acquiescence, there was something about the wayHurstwood spoke which reminded Carrie of Drouet and his littledeal which he was always about to put through. It was only thethought of a second, but it was a beginning. It was somethingnew in her thinking of Hurstwood.
6. 试运营期间,滴滴将提供5:00—20:00、市内(50公里以内)的顺风车平台服务,且在试运营期间,不收取信息服务费。


1. 人们从漂絮的过程中也得到启示:既然漂絮能得到薄层状丝片,那么植物纤维经过同样的操作过程,是否也会有同样的效果。由此,人们终于发明了造纸的工艺技术,理想的书写材料——纸也因而问世了。
2. 其中零售占比52%,餐饮业务占比48%。
3. 希望分众成为新商业文明的践行者和推动者,助推并迎接一个伟大时代的到来。
4. 真人在线钢琴陪练机构于斯钢琴疑似跑路。
5. 他一听到我需要赔钱,就算了,还问我好多做骑手的事情。
6.   'Arithmetic, you see, is useful; without its aid, I should hardlyhave been able to guess your age. It is a point difficult to fix wherethe features and countenance are so much at variance as in yourcase. And now what did you learn at Lowood? Can you play?'


1. 这些都是在发生紧急情况时美国计划投入到朝鲜半岛作战的增援战力。
2.   Or stray in the marshes, by false lights beguiled,
3. 这归根结底还是创始人本身成长的问题,而学习力当然是创始人成长的重要前提条件。

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      The Sultan was very much astounded, and wished to see this marvel for himself. So he sent for the fisherman, and asked him to procure four more fish. The fisherman asked for three days, which were granted, and he then cast his nets in the lake, and again caught four different coloured fish. The sultan was delighted to see he had got them, and gave him again four hundred gold pieces.

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